How is ISO 50001 Implemented?

Decide on the boundaries of the EnMS

Once prepared, get started with implementing an EnMS:

  • Purchase ISO 50001
  • Develop an energy policy that includes commitment to the EnMS from top management
  • Identify a management representative to lead implementation of the EnMS
  • Establish a team of representatives from major functional areas of the organization
  • Undertake an energy review to identify significant energy uses, their energy consumption, and opportunities for improvement
  • Establish an energy baseline
  • Identify energy performance indicators for tracking energy performance improvement against the baseline

For additional guidance, DOE and other organizations offer technical resources to assist with implementation with energy management.
Consider Superior Energy Performance (SEP) certification early on in the process of implementing an EnMS. SEP provides guidance, tools, and protocols to drive deeper, more sustained savings from ISO 50001. Learn more about the business case for SEP.