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DOE 50001 Ready Program

What is 50001 Ready?

50001 Ready is a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) designation for facilities and organizations that have implemented ISO 50001 (EnMS) using the guidance in DOE’s 50001 Ready Navigator online application. It is a self-guided application to establish and self-attest to ISO 50001, a global voluntary best practice in energy management for industrial, commercial and institutional facilities. The DOE also has an online tool that guides users through 25 tasks to set up a comprehensive ISO 50001-based energy management system. 50001 Ready does not replace nor is it a substitute for ISO 50001 and does not imply endorsement by the ISO.

What are the benefits of becoming 50001 Ready?

When you have a structured EnMS implemented into your organization, it will help improve energy management into everyday business practices. When you follow the guidelines of the 50001 Ready program, it will help you implement the EnMS with the best practices set by ISO 50001:2018, and also is the best way to make sure your EnMS has a foundation for sustained improvement. Furthermore, the 50001 Ready program helps communicate your energy management system and social practices as an organization to customers.

Requirements of 50001 Ready

There are 3 main requirements to becoming 50001 Ready:

  1. Completing the 25 tasks in the 50001 Ready Navigator
  2. Submitting a self-attestation form that all 25 tasks have been completed
  3. Measuring and improving energy performance over time. Facilities are not required to demonstrate energy performance improvement to receive their first year of recognition, though this is required for subsequent years 

For more information visit the DOE’s 50001 Ready website.

How long will it take to become 50001 Ready?

This question varies greatly depending on several factors including: the complexity of the facility, the availability of energy data, and to the extent of which energy improvement opportunities have already been explored. Industrial facilities usually take between 6-18 months to become 50001 ready.

What will it cost to become 50001 Ready?

There are no costs associated with 50001 Ready. DOE resources are free, and available to all. The only investment an organization will have to make is the time it takes to implement, and any costs associated with energy improvements.

What kind of support will DOE provide to become 50001 Ready?

The 50001 Ready Navigator provides detailed guidance on how to complete all necessary tasks, with worksheets, templates, and other resources available depending on the task. DOE has established a help desk support function accessible through the Navigator.


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