What are the benefits to ISO 50001 certification?

The Benefits of ISO 50001 Certification

  • Reduced / managed energy usage reduces operating costs
  • When evaluating the organizational goals, incorporating new energy efficient technology may prove fruitful
  • By continually improving the energy related processes, more opportunities will be explored
  • It may be possible to reduce green house gas emission when using energy more efficiently
  • By creating structured methods for identifying energy indicators, the overall cost to analyze and report energy usage costs less
  • Through the use of 3rd party auditors, energy usage reporting is deemed more reliable by the market

One company reported savings of over $250,000/year after implementing the standard.

Because the ISO 50001 standard emphasizes continual improvement, the organization will continue become more proficient at managing its energy.

There is an intangible benefit to advertize commitment to energy management to the marketplace.