Using Teams to Design and Document your ISO 50001 EnMS

Ball 3Step 3a. Using Teams

Our years of experience assisting companies with ISO 50001 Implementation has resulted in a very effective method of implementation using a Team Approach. As we discuss this method, think about how big your organization is; for smaller organizations we have used “teams” as small as one or two people. For larger organizations, teams are typically 5 to 7 people.

ISO Steering Team

  • We use one Team to lead the project, and call this the ISO Steering Team. The name is not important, name yours to suit your company. The function of the team is very important. This team will meet on a regular basis during the project to monitor progress, resolve questions, allocate resources and coordinate the design of the new EnMS
  • The ISO Steering Team should be made up of Management representing the areas of your company. For example, a manufacturing manager, a energy manager, an administrative manager, an engineering manager and an executive manager. This will give the team the knowledge and authority it needs to make decisions and devote resources to the project.
  • The management representative and/or project manager for the implementation project should be the team leader. The team leader will schedule meetings, prepare agendas, and collect information to bring to the meetings.
  • While the ISO Steering Team leads the project, “Task Teams” will develop processes and document procedures to address requirements of the standard. The ISO Steering team will review the processes and procedures, and monitor the progress of the Task Teams. Our approach is to set up a Task Team for each Energy Management System (EnMS) Procedure that needs to be developed and documented.
  • ISO Steering Team Page

Energy Task Teams

  • The Energy Task Teams that are set up will each look at the requirements for their process and procedure. They will be responsible for comparing the requirements of the standard to the current process used at your company.
  • They will design a new process, or modify the current process so the company will be meeting ISO 50001 requirements. They will write a procedure for the new process, and give it to the ISO Steering Team to review. Once the procedure is approved, they will introduce it to employees, training as needed. The company will then start using the new process/procedure.
  • It is important to remember that not all of the Task Teams need to start working at the same time. The ISO Steering Team will want to prepare a timeline and assign start and end dates for the Task Teams. Visit the ISO Steering Team Page for downloads of the Task Team assignments and a Gantt chart for the project.