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Compare ISO 50001:2011 to ISO 50001:2018

The newest version of ISO 50001 was released August of 2018, replacing the 2011 version.  You can buy The ISO 50001:2018 Standard here, and you’ll immediately notice the change to the Annex L structure to align with other ISO Management System Standards (MSS)  

But there are additional changes and benefits from 2011 to 2018 including:

  • Clarification of language and adopting common terms and definitions with other ISO standards
  • Prioritizing the role of top management
  • Support of integration with strategic management processes
  • New definitions, including “energy performance improvement”
  • Better defines energy types, and exclusions of thereof.
  • Energy review is better defined
  • Normalization of energy EnPIs and EnBs
  • Additional details on requirements and energy data collection
  • Clarification of EnPI and EnB text to provide a better understanding of these concepts

Comparing ISO 50001:2011 to ISO 50001:2018

The comparison chart below will help you identify the specific changes from 2011 to the current 2018 version.

General topic comparison between ISO 50001:2011 and ISO 50001:2018

ISO 50001:2011 ISO 50001:2018
Structure Four clauses Ten clauses; reorganization of clause order and content to better align with other standards.
Context of the organization No requirement An organization must determine, monitor and review internal and external issues as well as relevant interested parties and their requirements, relevant  to the outcomes of its energy management system
Needs and Expectations of Interested Parties No requirement Use contextual information to identify interested parties relevant to energy performance and the EnMS
Strengthened Leadership and top Management Commitment Brief Expectations New demands actively engage and demonstrate leadership for the effectiveness of EnMS
Risk and Opportunity Preventative Actions Organizations are required to take action to address risks.
Operation Planning and Control Basic Requirements

Add-ons in the requirements:

-Must control changes and review consequences of changes

-Ensure the control of outsourced significant energy uses

-Documented information to be kept to the extent necessary to have confidence that processes have been carried out

Monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation of energy performance and the EnMS Brief Requirements

-Determine methods for monitoring, measurement, and analysis and evaluation

-Requirements for documented information

Clause by Clause Comparison

ISO 50001:2011 Clause Clause ISO 50001:2018
Introduction Introduction
Scope 1 1 Scope
Normative References 2 2 Normative References
Terms and definitions 3 3 Terms and Definitions
4 Context of the Organization
4.1 Understanding the Organization
Energy Management System Requirements 4
General Requirements 4.1 4.3 Determining the scope of the energy management system
4.4 Energy Management System
Management Responsibility 4.2
4.3 Determining the Scope of the Energy management System
Top Management 4.2.1 5 Leadership and Commitment
5.1 Organizational Roles, Responsibilities and Authorities
Management Representative 4.2.2 7.1 Resources
Energy Policy 4.3 5.2 Energy Policy
Energy Planning 4.4 6 Planning
General 4.4.1 6.1 Actions to address risk associated with threats and opportunities
Legal Requirements and other requirements 4.4.2 4.2 Understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties
Energy Review 4.4.3 6.3 Energy Review
6.1 Risk Associated with threats and opportunities
Energy Baseline 4.4.4 6.5 Energy Baseline
Energy Performance Indicators 4.4.5 6.4 Energy Performance Indicators
Energy objectives, energy targets and energy management action plans 4.4.6 6.2 Objectives, energy targets and planning to achieve them
Implementation and Operation 4.5 7 Support
8 Operations
General 4.5.1
Competence, training and awareness 4.5.2 7.2 Competence
7.3 Awareness
Communication 4.5.3 7.4 Communications
7.4.1 General
7.4.2 Internal communication
7.4.3 external communication
Documentation 4.5.4 7.5 Documented Information
7.5.1 General
7.5.2 Creating and Updating
7.5.3 Control of Documented Information
Operational Control 4.5.5 8.1 Operations Planning and Control
Emergency Preparedness and Response 4.5.6 8.2 Design
Procurement of energy services, products, equipment and energy 4.5.7 8.3 Procurement
Checking 4.6 9 Performance Evaluation
Monitoring and Measurement 4.6.1 9.1 Monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation of energy performance and the EnMS
6.6 Planning for collection of energy data
Evaluation of Compliance 4.6.2 9.12 Evaluation of legal and other requirements
Internal Audit of the EnMS 4.6.3 9.2 Internal EnMS audit
Nonconformities, correction, corrective action and preventive action 4.6.4 10.1 Nonconformity and Corrective Action
Control of records 4.6.5 7.5 Documented Information
Management Review 4.7 9.3 Management Review
10 Improvement
10.2 Continual Improvement


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