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The ISO 50001:2011 manual is available for immediate download.

50001 logoISO 50001:2011 contains the requirements when creating, implementing, managing and enhancing an EnMS (Energy Management System), for the purpose of following a systematic methodolgy in achieving improvement in energy performance (i.e. energy use and consumption).

50001 logoISO 50001:2011 also includes the requirements when measuring energy consumption, including documentaiton,  reporting, design and procurement practices for systems, processes and personnel.

50001 logoISO 50001:2011 can be aligned or integrated with other management systems, but has been designed to be used independently.

50001 logoISO 50001:2011 is relevant to any organization desiring to conform to a stated energy policy and inclined to demonstrate this to others in a consistent approved manner.  Such conformity can be confirmed by self-evaluation, or by certification of the energy management system by a certified Registrar.

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